Why is Instagram Removing Likes?

Why is Instagram Removing Likes?

It has been on the agenda that Instagram will hide the number of likes since last July. This feature was originally tested in 7 countries, including Brazil, Canada, and Japan. The removal of the number of likes was recently being tested in the USA. Now the number has now come to Turkey Hiding liking. It was seen that some users did not like the number of likes in their posts.

Users started to investigate the answers to questions such as why there are no likes, why was removed on Instagram. The removal of Instagram likes is progressing gradually. All in all, updates are not available on all accounts. Users who received this update noticed that they didn't have the likes. Users who received the update are not selected based on a certain criterion. In other words, there is no such thing as selecting high-followers, low-followers or over-sharing accounts. The accounts are randomly selected.

What does it say where the likes are written on Instagram? It appears to be updated to the name of a person who likes your share and others. When you click on the Others section, you cannot see clearly how many people liked and names. If 1000 people liked your post, we see that someone who liked it wrote the name and thousands.

So was the update really necessary? Why was there such an update? This situation did not like some Instagram users. It can be said that most users do not even like it. Because most of the Instagram posts made today are shared. It is even a source of pride for users who get a lot of likes or who you like. There is a falling segment, which is a necessary condition for the count of likes, to show off against their followers and friends, and to become popular in the circle of friends. Sharing photos, videos and stories on Instagram has become something to be appreciated.

Great efforts are being made to increase the count of likes, and even there is a large audience going to travel, vacation and other activities just to share and get a lot of likes. Hiding the number of likes is most annoyed by this audience. There are even users who report that if Instagram removes the count of likes, they will close their accounts. Removal of likes is also liked by users who are not concerned about likes and even find this update correct. So removing the likes has divided Instagram users in two.

It is argued that social media has a negative impact on some users, especially young people. The low number of likes causes loss of self-confidence in these users. They can obsess this situation while sharing. They can feel great anxiety that their count of likes will be low, and they may even become depressed. Instagram aims to reduce the pressure on its users by updating it, so that they do not have these concerns by removing the count of likes. It wants to reduce the feeling of users being judged and focus on the stories they want to tell more than the count of likes.

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