Instagram Video Length: How Long of a Video Can You Post on Instagram?

Instagram Video Length: How Long of a Video Can You Post on Instagram?

Instagram has finally lifted the restriction it has been applying for a long time; rather, he stretched a little. Instagram is a platform where we can share videos as well as photos. In fact, it is explained that the video content on Instagram has attracted more attention. While this is the case, there has been a significant increase in the number of videos on Instagram.

We think that there are very few users who do not share videos on Instagram. We cannot share some videos on Instagram. Because Instagram allows us to share videos of a certain length, unfortunately, it does not allow us to share when it is too long. For this reason, we often have to crop the videos we want to share on Instagram.

How can we share videos on Instagram? We have 3 ways to share videos on Instagram. The first one is that we can share it as a post. This post is on the page where we have our profile, but it has an icon showing that the video is different. The videos we share as post are played silently at first. The second place where we can share videos on Instagram is our stories. We can share photos in our stories as well as instant video sharing. 

But these videos disappear after 24 hours just like our photos, unless we have deleted them before. And the third place we can share the video is IGTV. IGTV allows us to share long videos on Instagram. IGTV videos, such as our posts and the posts we are tagged in, are also published on different pages of our profile.

Instagram Video Length

How long can we share videos on Instagram? It allows Instagram followers to upload 60 seconds for posts and 15 seconds for stories. Naturally, users want these periods to be extended because the videos they want to share can be longer than these. As such, they have to divide their videos into two or three parts and share them separately. Instagram brings a new feature for such long videos, allowing them to share much longer videos just like YouTube. IGTV is an update that you can easily share your long videos. This update was news that pleased most users.

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