How to Upload Youtube Video to Instagram?

How to Upload Youtube Video to Instagram?

Today, the opportunities offered by the digital world do not end with counting. Now all the information we want to learn is at our fingertips. Do we want to hear the voice of our loved ones at our fingertips, do we want to see them at our fingertips? Whether we want to learn the recipe, there would be cookbooks in every kitchen and we would look at the recipes of the dishes from now on. As such, everyone has a smartphone in their hands and reaching the world is now at their fingertips.

Internet has made our lives so easy that it is hard to read on the internet. We open it and watch its videos. We can access any type of video we want on YouTube, Instagram and other video sharing platforms. It is very easy to reach all kinds of videos such as how we can decorate, change the tire of our car, how to make night makeup. Even today, a profession called YouTuber has emerged and too many people live their lives on YouTube. YouTubers, who have large masses, can achieve earnings worth of wealth. In addition, video content producers have started to use Instagram too. Content producers share their videos not only from Youtube, but also from platforms like Instagram.

How can we share our YouTube videos, the videos of YouTubers we follow or any YouTube videos we like in our Instagram account. If we want to share videos on Instagram, this video needs to be available in our gallery. But in order to upload Youtube videos to Instagram, we need to download it first. There are many programs that allow us to download YouTube videos. First of all, we should download the video we want to upload to Instagram from our platforms to our phone or computer. Then you can trim the part we want to share in the video according to the time limits allowed by Instagram and share it in Instagram.

If all this sounds long and painful, there is another method. Copy the link of the video on YouTube. Then, go to and paste the link in the box that comes up. Click on one of the options at the top of the site on Instagram or wherever you want to upload the video. If you click on Instagram, you will be presented with a tool to cut the video. You can easily cut any part of the video. This way, you can easily share the YouTube video on your Instagram account. Sharing videos on Instagram is very popular now, and with these methods, you can now easily share your YouTube videos on your Instagram accounts and get great attention from your followers.

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