How to Upload IGTV Videos to Instagram?

How to Upload IGTV Videos to Instagram?

Instagram is a social media application that allows you to share videos as well as photos in posts. The videos could be shared in the form of stories and posts. While the videos we could share as a story were limited to 15 seconds, this time was one minute in the posts. Instagram users were having a lot of trouble due to this time limit. They often had to crop their videos to share videos. Bringing a solution to this problem of Instagram users, it came up with its users with IGTV update. IGTV seems to be indispensable for users who want to share much longer videos.

After this update, the question of how to share video from IGTV was the subject of curiosity of users. IGTV allows you to share videos for up to an hour. Users who want to share videos from IGTV must first create an account on IGTV.

How to Create a Channel Over IGTV? 

Users who want to create channels from IGTV should first make sure that their Instagram apps are up to date. If Instagram applications are not up to date, they must first update. After the update, they need to go to the Instagram application and enter the IGTV application in the upper right. Afterwards, you can easily create a channel by going through the stages that come to you by saying create a channel from the settings section.

How Do We Perform the Video Upload After Creating the IGTV Channel? 

Video sharing via IGTV is as easy as creating a channel. To upload videos from IGTV, log in to IGTV via Instagram or IGTV application. Then, you need to click on the profile icon, the wheel section or the camera section, located next to the search section on the screen. This choice may vary depending on the make and model of your device. Then enter the video title by selecting the video you want to share and enter the descriptions of the video with it. You can also make different changes on the video. You can then share when all changes are finished and your video is ready. You can share the video you share on IGTV with a small selection icon from Facebook or other social media platforms.

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