How to Send DM from Instagram Web?

How to Send DM from Instagram Web?

Instagram; a platform where we can share photos, videos and instant stories. A social media application that you can use by creating an account on the mobile application and website. Instagram continues to grow by catching a large user base. Today, almost everyone has social media accounts. Instagram has a lot of active users. Instagram also continues to offer innovations to its users.

Apart from Instagram photos, videos and instant stories, it is also an app that you can message with your followers and friends with the feature of direct message. You can reply to your friends' posts with direct message feature. In addition, by creating a group, it allows you to talk with many friends at the same time. As you know, Instagram DM feature was available on the mobile application, allowing you to easily message with your friends and followers.

However, if you have logged into your Instagram account on the web, the direct message feature was not available on the web. This created a great handicap for accounts that actively use the direct message feature. When users are not able to log in to Instagram via mobile application or have access to their phones, they log in to their accounts via the web browser and use Instagram from the computer. But in this case, they do not have access to direct messages. Since Instagram is now used as a messaging application, users were not criticized for not being able to access their direct messages on the web.

Instagram, considering that it increased the use of direct messaging on mobile applications, did not favor bringing this feature on the web. However, a lot of complaints will have been received over this situation, and with a new update, the direct message feature can also be accessed on the web. Users can now continue their messaging using the direct message feature on the website. They will be able to access their direct messages through the web browser on computers.

So how to send a direct message on the website on Instagram? First of all, you need to login to your Instagram web address from your computer's browser with your username and password. It doesn't matter whether you are following that person to send a direct message on Instagram, click the DM menu in the upper right corner, right next to the main menu and you can send a message by selecting 'send message' in the window that opens. If the person does not follow you, the option to open or reject the message will appear when your message reaches it.

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