How to Make Verified Account on Instagram?

How to Make Verified Account on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that anyone can use by creating an account. But we see that there is a blue tick next to some accounts. What does it mean? What does the blue click on Instagram profile photo of most famous names mean? We see a blue click next to the profile photo of the accounts whose accounts have been verified by Instagram. This means that the Instagram account is actually used and managed by that person. So we understand that the Instagram account is not fake.

Why is it so important to be a verified account on Instagram? Today, famous names and many fake accounts of some pages can be opened by different people. Real owners of the accounts want to verify their Instagram accounts in order to know their own accounts and to prevent many troubles. Those who want to verify their Instagram accounts want to draw a secure real account image against their followers.

Requirements for Verified Account on Instagram

Not only famous names but some brands' Instagram accounts may also be verified accounts. How our Instagram profile may have been verified. So, we explain to you how we will get Instagram blue tick.

- Log in with your account from the Instagram app or website.
- Click the menu button on the top right.
- Enter the settings section from the section you opened.
- Go to the Account section.
- Go to the Request for verification section.
- Fill out and send the required parts in the form that opens.

After doing these things, you will have to wait for an information e-mail by Instagram. If your account is not approved, you can try to get account confirmation again after 1 month.
Instagram does not approve every account. There are some requirements for you to be a verified account on Instagram.

Instagram is looking at some criteria in the account to give account approval. What are these criteria? What does Instagram look at when giving Instagram account approval? Although these features we will tell you are in your own account, it can be easier for famous names to get this approval.

When obtaining verified account approval on Instagram, the account must first belong to a real person or organization, and your personal information must be correct. The information in your account must be complete. Your shares must be yours. So your own photos must be in your account. Your posts on your account must be original. Your account must be public. You need to have a lot of followers. In order to get account approval from Instagram, you must be a well-known person.

If you want to get verified account approval from Instagram, you should do some preliminary studies. Share original content in your account, use your account actively and try to increase the number of followers in your Instagram account. You can advertise your Instagram account. You must have a certain audience in order to get verified account approval on Instagram.

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