How to Download Instagram Photos of Someone Else?

How to Download Instagram Photos of Someone Else?

Today, everyone is actively using Instagram. Sharing has become a necessity like eating, drinking water. We learn where our friends are, what they do and how they are through social media accounts. We panic when we see that our friends and relatives are not sharing, and we need to call them immediately to find out if they are good.

Our Instagram accounts are a page where we reflect our lives. We look like what we want to look like by our followers on Twitter or we show that much of our life. Our Instagram profiles are like a summary of the beautiful sides of our lives. As such, those who take this business very seriously and who take care of their sharing can have a large number of followers. There are a lot of people who want to increase the number of followers, since their lives are wondered and followed makes people feel good. And we find some Instagram phenomena really intimate and love it. We look forward to admiring and sharing them.

In the accounts of these Instagram influencer we follow, we want to download the shares we like very much to our phone or computer. Sometimes we want to download our photos from our own accounts to our phones. But Instagram does not allow us to download photos. So how do we download photos from other accounts on Instagram or our own photos? Taking a screenshot of the photo we want to save download and then cropping is a solution. But when we take a screenshot, the resolution of the photo decreases. This is an unwanted situation. So how can we download the original version of Instagram photos? You can easily download original versions of Instagram photos from

Download Instagram Photos on PC

First, you should log in to You will be able to download and save Instagram photos without any password or ig Instagram account required. 

However, Instagram profiles you want to download the photos of should not be private, but public ig profiles accounts. 

When you enter the site, you must click the correct account by entering the username of the account whose photos you want to download in the search box at the top. 

You will see the shares of the person with whom you opened the Instagram account. 

Click on the photo you want to download and you can easily download the photo you want by clicking the download button in the bottom middle of the photo. 

Unfortunately, we cannot download on accounts with an Instagram account. When you open these Instagram accounts, we will not be able to see their shares anyway. You can download Instagram photos to Android and iPhone devices and all PC.

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