How to Download Images from Instagram?

How to Download Images from Instagram?

Instagram images are the basic building block of the application. When the Instagram platform was first announced, the main purpose of the service was to add and share filters to the images. As such, users started uploading the food they eat, the cities they visited, and the beautiful resorts as photos on Instagram. Of course, Instagram added later features such as video and story as well as image. However, the images are still among the most uploaded and shared content on Instagram.

Downloading images from Instagram has been very curious recently by users. As you know, Instagram doesn't have a feature that allows you to download images via mobile apps and website. For this reason, Instagram users may need some third party software, online web Instagram download tools or mobile applications known as Instagram downloaders when they want to download their images or when they want to download their favorite nature photos to their phones or PC.

With the online Instagram image downloader tool, which we will talk about in this article, you will be able to download Instagram images to your device free and fast. Downloading Instagram image to Android, iPhone, iPad and PC is quite safe with online Insta pic downloader. Because this Instagram image downloader does not ask for your password to log in. You can download Instagram images without Instagram account.

Instagram Images Download Android, iPhone and PC

To download images from Instagram, go to, the search bar at the top of the page you are reading this article.
In the search bar, type the name of the profile whose image you want to download and search.
In the results, click the Instagram profile image and go to the user's page.
Touch what you want to download from the image on the page.
Click the Download button at the bottom of the image. The photo begins to land on Android IOS or PC.

The safest and easiest way to download images from Instagram, you can edit the images you downloaded with viewerig with editing software and upload them back to your Instagram account. When you press the download button on Android devices, the download process starts automatically and is copied to the gallery section of your phone. On iPhone and iPad devices with IOS operating system, the image opens on a separate page. Just click on the image and press the save button in the window that opens.

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