How to Delete Instagram Account?

How to Delete Instagram Account?

Instagram is a great social media platform used by everyone today. It is a platform where you can share Instagram photos, videos and stories with your friends, relatives and relatives and you can also message with the DM feature. Instagram does not want to lose its users and aims to make them use their accounts more actively by constantly innovating to respond to their requests.

Sometimes, Instagram can take a lot of time. There are users who can make it addictive. Users may want to delete their accounts because they spend a lot of time or for different reasons. So how can users delete their Instagram accounts? Deleting an account is the process of removing its account completely, deleting all photos, videos and followers.

Account deletion is not a reversible process like account deactivate. We want to say that those who want to delete their accounts should think about one last time. Because there are too many users who delete their accounts and regret later. Unfortunately, you will never be able to open your account after deleting your account. Therefore, users who want to delete their Instagram account can first try themselves by deactivating their accounts for a while. The account deactivating process is no different from account deletion unless you log in again.

Our advice would be to deactivate your account instead of deleting it. If you insist on account deletion, you should first download all your shares to your phone or computer so that your memories don't go away with your accounts. You can find information on how to do these operations at You can also download Instagram videos and photos from the same site. You will be able to access articles on how to do it.

Now let's see how you can perform account deletion. We will explain step by step how to delete Instagram account.

-Click on the Instagram account deletion link we shared below and log in to your account. After logging in, you will see the account deletion screen.

In the next step of Instagram account deletion, Instagram will ask you a question about why you closed your account. Answer this question.

-Then enter your Instagram account password in the empty box on the screen. Then click on the "Permanently close my account" text which is written in the red box.

-After these steps, your Instagram account will be deleted. However, before you start the account deletion process, let us state that you will not be able to use the username you deleted after you do this.


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