How to Deactivate Instagram Account Link?

How to Deactivate Instagram Account Link?

Instagram is a social media platform with more than 1 billion users worldwide. About Instagram, which is the worldwide social media platform, users are looking for answers to many questions. The answers to questions such as how to deactivate our Instagram account and how to delete our Instagram account are researched by users who want to freeze or delete their accounts.

What does it mean to deactivate or delete an Instagram account? There are users who spend a lot of time or want to deactivate or delete their Instagram accounts for other reasons. In this article, they will be able to find answers to questions about how it's done. They can delete accounts for those who want to close their Instagram accounts completely. However, Instagram offers a different option for users. After deleting their account, he added a feature called account freeze, taking into account the users who regret and want to open it again. Account deactivate allows them to temporarily close their accounts and reopen them later. So how do users who want to freeze their accounts do this? Let's go step by step how to do this with you.

Steps to Deactivate Instagram Account

First you need to open your Instagram login page and enter your username and password to login. If you don't remember your password, "Forgot your password?" You can reset it by entering.

After logging in, go to the section with our own profile and click the "Edit Profile" link next to your username.

When you click the edit profile section; You click the "Temporarily close my account" section at the bottom right of the fields where you can change our name, username, biography and other information.

Now you have reached the page where you can temporarily close your account, that is, deactivate. Here we have options like "There are too many ads" or "I can't find people to watch". When you click on one of these, Instagram suggests you not to lose you. You can easily deactivate your Instagram account by clicking I want to take a break.

Instagram account cannot be done through the deactivate application. You can only do this on the website. In addition, account deactivating can only be done once a week. When you deactivate your Instagram account, your account will not appear anywhere as if deleted. Your photos, comments and likes are not seen by any user. When you want to re-open your account, you can easily log back in with your username and password. You can continue your account just like the day you closed it.

Instagram Deactivate Link

You can easily deactivate your account by accessing the ice cream process at the link of 

If you don't want to re-open your account and want to close it completely, you can learn how to do it from our other article titled 'How to Delete Instagram Account' at

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