How to Archive Post on Instagram?

How to Archive Post on Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform where we can share photos and videos. Instagram users offer sections from many areas of their lives on their pages. They take photos and videos and if they like them and want them to stay on their pages, they share it as a post, if not, they share it in the story section that will disappear after 24 hours. Sometimes, after sharing, there can be photos that do not rest on us. Instagram hits us right from the heart for the posts that we could not resist this deletion but could not bear. Thanks to the new feature of Instagram, you do not need to delete these photos.

What does this new feature of Instagram do and how is it used? Instagram again came to its users with a nice update. Instagram post was greatly appreciated with its archiving feature. So what should we do to archive a post on Instagram? Thanks to this new feature on Instagram, we can move our previously shared posts to the archive section. When we archive the post on Instagram, this post is hidden to everyone and only we can see it from our archive section. 

How do We Archive a Post on Instagram?

First of all, we must enter the post we want to archive, click on the three points on the top right of the post and we can easily move the archive to the archive by saying archive. Post archiving on Instagram is especially used by young users. We can move a photo, video or story into the archive that we don't want anyone else to see and prevent our followers from seeing it.

After archiving the post on Instagram, the user can easily access his / her archive. We can access our archive of Instagram by clicking the icon at the top right on our page with our profile. And when we want, we can get back the archive post. Before posting archive to Instagram, we could share some posts we deleted. In these cases, since there is a new post, we do not have any likes or comments, but of course this feature disappears thanks to this feature. Our posts can remain the same with all likes and comments.

We also take some photos directly via the Instagram app and share them as stories and they are deleted after 24 hours. These photos we shared in the story disappear completely after 24 hours, and they may not be in our gallery as we take them through the application. Thanks to the post archiving feature of Instagram, we remove the stories we like and archive it permanently. We can reinstate these posts we archive on Instagram at any time. We can easily restore it with the option to come to the post over the archive and show it on profile.

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